proNet - PROFINET / PROFIsafe Communication Module

The proNet module allows the features of amGardpro to become distributed IO (input output) on a PROFINET network; safety information is exchanged using the PROFIsafe extensions.  The unit can connect the following modules to a PROFIsafe network; see individual datasheets for further details of the modules:

  • A proLok safety switch with a vast array of options using modular adaptors, heads and actuators in the amGardpro range.  The safety switches are communicated safely, with standard PNIO (PROFINET input output) for solenoid drive, monitor and head monitor.
  • An e-stop and safety switch communicated safely across PROFIsafe.
  • Up to four lamps and pushbuttons from the proOption Pod range.

An integrated network switch facilitates ‘daisy-chain’ bus topologies with no additional hardware.
F-address set via web interface or DIP switches.

The following PROFINET features are supported:

  • Complies with PROFINET IO Conformance class B
  • SNMP with support for the following mibs: LLDP and MIB-II
  • LLDP is supported (Topologi scan)
  • MRP is supported on select configurations

Diagnostic functions available via web interface:

  • Supply voltage.
  • Current PROFINET IO.
  • Current F-address.
  • Ethernet connection statistics.


Guidance on GSD Files:

Please login to the download section below to access the required files:

If the unit has a single data port - PF04, PF05, PF06 or PF15, please use the “GSDML Zip File for single data port units”.

If the unit has MRP - i.e has N6 or N8 in the partnumber, please use the “GSDML Zip File for MRP”.

If you have a CON pod unit or a unit with an RFID reader (FRANK), or temperature reading (LINDA) applications, please use “GSDML ZIP File for CON”.

If the unit is none of these, please use the general “GSDML Zip File”. 

If you have a unit with special configurations for single channel safety or other applications, please contact Fortress.

proNet - PROFINET / PROFIsafe Communication Module
Heavy Duty Guard Locking with PROFIsafe & CIP Safety - amGardpro
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