proNet - Ethernet/IP - CIP Safety Communication Module



The proNet module allows the features of amGardpro to become distributed IO (input-output) on an Ethernet/IP network; safety information is exchanged using the CIP Safety extensions. The unit can connect the following modules to an Ethernet/IP network; see individual datasheets for further details of the modules:

• A proLok safety switch with a vast array of options using modular adaptors, heads and actuators in the 

  amGardpro range.

• An e-stop and an external safety switch.

• Up to eight lamps and pushbuttons from the proOption Pod range.

All the safety signals are communicated via CIP Safety, while standard IO via Ethernet/IP.

An integrated network switch facilitates ‘daisy-chain’ bus topologies with no additional hardware.

Variety of connection options: PF07, PF09, PF10, PF11

IP-address settable via web interface, DHCP or dip switches

Device diagnostic information available via on board LEDs


Diagnostic functions available via web interface:


• Supply voltage

• Ethernet connection statistics

proNet - Ethernet/IP - CIP Safety Communication Module
amGardpro - Modular gate switches for safeguarding hazardous machinery
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